Zamek was founded in 1932 by Bernhard Zamek. It was a family run company until the end of 2014 when DRICON Capital became the new owner and the company was renamed into Zamek Lebensmittelwerke GmbH.

Zamek has successfully re-launched his portfolio under the brand of Zamek in 2016 and is also focused on private label Business.
Zamek counts with two production sites in Düsseldorf and Dresden, certified with the highest quality standards, where produces stock cubes, granulated broths, simmer soups, instant soups, sauce mixes, liquid seasoning, salad dressings and salad croûtons, ready meals in cups and sachets. Furthermore Zamek produces his own pasta, which is used in many of its final products. In addition we offer a large variety of packaging solutions and recipe adaptations according to our customers needs.