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As a cooperative enterprise, Hochwald’s task is to process and market the raw milk supplied by the milk producers and to generate a competitive, above-average reimbursement price by creating as much value as possible. In order to ensure this today and in the future, we are continuously developing our company, enabling sustainable growth by investment.

Hochwald processes the producer’s raw material to foodstuffs that meet the requirements of customers at home and abroad. Consistent quality management ensures the constant and high quality of our products. In the past years, Hochwald has developed into one of the largest milk processors in Germany. A well-balanced product portfolio as well as focusing on three platforms – brand business, export and the core business with the Hochwald brand and the trade brands – have established the foundation for the best added value of the raw material milk.

Hochwald is a future-proof and competitive marketing partner for milk producers. Consumers in more than 100 countries all over the world appreciate the products of our company. With the affiliate Hochwald Nederland b. v. in Bolsward, we are also established internationally in the range of production. For us, controlled processes are the basis of constant optimisation and improvement for the sake of our customers and economic further development of our company.

As a manufacturer of foodstuffs for daily use, we are dedicated to sustainability and protection of resources. We bear in mind that the processed raw materials are produced in a healthy environment and that the environment will not be harmfully influenced by our own business processes.