Il Vecchio Forno
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Il Vecchio Forno is one of the leading Italian producers of panettone, pandoro and other seasonal leavened cakes. We are located in the Agno river valley near the Vicenza hills in the North Eastern Italian region of Veneto.

The production method we adopted at Il Vecchio Forno reflects the respect for the traditional method of producing seasonal leavened cakes thus ensuring the utmost softness and flavour for our products due to our long-lasting leavening times. Additionally, baking and cooling of our products are carried on using the most modern machines to ensure consistently quality cakes.

We pay close attention to quality and health issues both in the work place and in the ingredients used thus in our products we DO NOT USE preservatives, artificial coloring and hydrogenated fats. Our modern production site owns Highest level IFS and BRC certifications.

We are a reliable partner for Private label development but we have our own brands as well: Granducale, Panvivis, Il Vecchio Forno Artigiano.