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Founded in 1978, Samroiyod Corporation Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of tropical fruits. We are proud to offer our wide range of quality products including canned fruit, frozen fruit, pineapple juice concentrate and dried fruit.

In Samroiyod, we have the advantage to have full control on our own plantation production, ensuring quality supplies of fruit all year. Our pineapple plantation in Prachuabkirikhan province in southern Thailand is known worldwide as the home of the juiciest pineapple with the best quality and excellent flavour. We can ensure that only the best quality fruit is selected for processing. We supply pineapple, watermelon, coconut, guava, banana, ginger, rambutan, longan and aloe vera in different forms depending on the needs of our customers.

Samroiyod is committed to providing high quality products. We apply strict quality controls throughout the production process. In our modern factory, we employ state of the art technology operated by our professionally trained specialists. Our fully equipped laboratory ensures that all quality control processes are met, and that the health and environmental issues are always under strict control. In addition, we also strive to ensure that our delivery commitments to our customers always on time.

Nowadays the fruit products from Samroiyod are known worldwide for their exceptional quality and great taste. Our product range has been highly acclaimed in many parts of the world including Europe, Asia, Australia and the U.S. Samroiyod has already attained the certifications of ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP which certify that SGS operates in accordance with international standards of quality for both products and hygiene.