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Colcafé, is a subsidiary company of MultiLatino Colombian Food Group, “Group Nutresa” specializing in the processing and marketing of coffee and related products. Our production focuses on the categories of Roasted and Ground Coffee, Soluble Coffee, Presentation of powder, granular and lyophilized and Blended Coffee as cappuccinos and three in one.

Currently, Colcafé reaches more than 45 countries on five continents and our flagship brand; Colcafé, is found in 36 of them. Our commitment to quality extends from the design phase of products, to final delivery and consumption by our customers, and that standard of quality is backed with 16 certifications, including ethical, social and environmental audits carried out by the international customers.

Colcafé growth is based on relationships with people who make, which are based on a deal with human quality, respect and trust. In Colcafé, continue to manage our business committed to sustainable development; the best human talent, outstanding innovation and exemplary corporate behavior.